What We Do

 We are your lifelong-learning travel assistants.


We understand and value the positive impact that travel can have on your personal growth.

We organize creative adventures for those who wish to evolve through continuous learning and who see the discovery of different lifestyles as an opportunity to better understand the world.

When you travel with us, you get unique cultural experiences based around your interests, educational activities focusing on your personal goals, and access to our multi-lingual concierge services that make it much easier to integrate into your new community and go where the locals do.

Together, we taste other ways of living, so that we can improve upon our own.



Our Valued Eco-Partnership in the Galapagos

Our Trips

We work with you to tailor a personalized travel experience based on your interests. We organize unforgettable trips to different destinations with a focus on learning about their unique cultural aspects such as language, cuisine, music, and philosophy.  Our aim is to provide you with the resources that will support your ideal lifestyle abroad.


Our authentic trips connect you to local communities around the world with the objective of shifting you from an observer to a participant. We are interested in establishing real relationships with the people we visit, so that our tourism has a lasting positive impact on the growth of local economies.

Our Concierge Service

24 hour access to our adaptable team's personal assistant services

Personalized Itineraries

Uniquely curated activities based around your personal interests

Lifelong Learning

Learn new cultural practices to implement in your life back home.


Who We Are

Lifestyle design. Life-long learning. cheap travel. adventure.retirement.freedom.

Riley and Tory Wiwchar

For the past decade, Tory has been exploring all corners of the world, experiencing new cultures, languages and speaking with locals to understand their ways of living. Having been fortunate enough to live in and visit over 30 countries, as well as learn 6 languages fluently, he has become fascinated with exploring different ways of living.

Through all angles of travel, he has developed several insights into the best methods of enjoying one's host destination. Having worked for 5 Star luxury hotels, he understands how a personalized customer service experience can be created. He also holds a Masters and a B.A. in International Relations. Tory provides our team with the best possible integration with the local communities and builds the foundation for connections.

Riley has spent the past decade in Event Management and Marketing working with people from all over the world. His experiences have allowed him to understand different cultures, organize international travel, and develop once in a lifetime events for people of all ages. Having been fortunate to work extensively across Canada as well as internationally, Riley has developed a passion for helping others find their personal best and loves to provide clients with new cultural experiences.

He has a Masters degree in Leadership with a focus on organizational development, goal setting, and personal development.  His background in high-end hospitality and international community building allows him to tailor your trip so that you can fully enjoy your adventures around the world.


Our Promise

Personalized Services

Our 24/7 personal assistant services expand past arranging accommodation, language classes, car rentals, and finding you the best restaurants. Some of our other services include:

- We are always contactable for any issues that may arise

- We conduct pre-trip planning meetings to maximize our understanding of your needs

- We help you find the most affordable flights and most comfortable travel routes

- We provide information for local events and can acquire tickets as well

- In the case of emergency or illness, we provide translation and help you get the care you need

- We offer arrival and departure assistance

Work Ethic

We value building relationships with our customers, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, and always go the extra mile.


We find creative ways to personalize your trips within the perimeters of your budget.



We provide our customers with support from start to finish so that they don't have to worry about a thing.


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