Meditation- Another Trip You Don’t Want to Miss

“Enjoy your practice with a relaxed and gentle attitude, with an open mind and receptive heart…Joy and happiness will be available to you in the here and now.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

When we think about meditation, we tend to imagine a monk-like figure sitting cross-legged and doing nothing right? What would be the point of just doing nothing?

When we further explore and try to understand meditation, one can begin to comprehend not only themselves a little better, but also the entire universe. Often, we disconnect ourselves from the universe as opposed to recognizing that we are indeed part of it. Meditation comes in many forms. For the beginner, the mind is easily distracted and the temptation to “do something” else arises quickly. The key is to recognize, to become aware. Just recognizing that we are thinking, and that there is a voice inside our heads, is a huge step towards personal tranquility and happiness. The Lifestyle Project promotes the self-exploration that takes place through meditation because, while only touching the tip of the iceberg, we have benefited from it immensely.

Do you meditate? Are there any tips you could give to our fellow explorers?

We suggest that in order to get started, you need to start small. Try allocating 5 minutes a day with a timer, where all you do is focus on your breathe. Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Count your breaths, from 1-10 and back down again. When you notice your mind drifting, simply acknowledge the thoughts, and return back to counting your breath. Over time, you will notice that this can be applied to all moments during the day, not just during your meditation time.

A great free app, that we are not associated with, is called Headspace. They offer 10 minutes of guided meditation for beginners.

Because exploration doesn’t have to mean traveling to faraway lands, but only taking some time to pay attention to our breath.