"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good." -Malcolm Gladwell

We have all heard it before, practice makes perfect. We associate practice with sports, or anything we decide we want to learn. Why don't we associate it with kindness, or compassion? Can we do these things more often?If we want to improve in all aspects of our life, The Lifestyle Project has discovered that the key to enjoyment is mentality. If we can nurture a mentality that practice isn't an annoying task, and that it can be way of living, we can experience a closer glimpse of what our true selves know we can be.

Perfection is not the goal, we just want to see progress. We all have potential inside of us that wants to shine light on the world.

We must learn not to be so hard on ourselves and play with practice. Eventually, we will notice that the compounded effort of daily practice will add up to massive change. Lets not get discouraged with our shortcomings, but rather, embrace them. It is the journey, not the destination, which we must learn to enjoy.Are there any things that you are practicing on a daily basis? Are there anythings you wish to start practicing now? Let us know so that we can share the tools we have with you.