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" Wise is he who enjoys the show offered by the world." Fernando Pessoa

When we dream of visiting Europe, there are so many wonderful destinations that we can choose from. Often, Portugal is not even considered and it is easily overshadowed by its more well-known siblings. This small country was once a great empire and its history is full of pleasant discoveries. Nowadays, its strong culture offers a romantic European escape with its warmer climate and Atlantic coastline.

Having lived there, here are a few things that the Lifestyle Project loves about Portugal.

Aside from Portuguese being the 5th most spoken language in the world, it has words that don’t exist in any other languages. Learning a few words here and there can help you understand the world in a different way and order your wine from the locals.

Oh the wine! Although we don’t hear much about it other than the odd Port wine, Portugal’s 4 wine regions are incomparable. There is such a rich diversity to choose from, and a good bottle can start for as low as 2 euros.

There are tones of hidden beaches that could easily challenge as nicest in the world. It is possible to swim the entire year round, especially in the south, and Portugal also has amazing surfing. From downtown Lisbon, you can be at the beach overlooking the horizon in just 25 minutes. Fresh fish dinners aren’t even that unreasonable, priced between 6-12 euros a plate and that usually includes cheese, olives and bread.

The people. People everywhere are awesome, but in Portugal you often encounter proud and friendly welcomers. The Portuguese demonstrate their love for the arts everywhere.

Their craftsmanship is phenomenal, their music -Fado is totally unique and soulful and their food is simple and flavourful. Though times have been tough, they always enjoy the good things that life has to offer…and we didn’t even get into the baking yet!

There are endless reasons we love Portugal, but we can’t be on Facebook all day!We have organized an amazing way to connect with the real Portugal and are happy to share it’s hidden delights with you. Check out our package trip on our main page. We have a few spots left, so contact us for more details on how we will personalize this experience towards your interests.