Want To Start Getting Over Your Fears Easily..

“Unless you are willing to experience new things, you’ll never realize your full potential” -Wim Hof

We all have fears and some are more reasonable than others, but sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what are we really afraid of? Over millennia, we have adapted ourselves to be cautious of danger. These dangers were likely to be big cats that would eat us and were justified, but today this sense of fear has been bottled up in to the smallest of things that freeze us.

It isn’t easy to face our fears, and The Lifestyle Project doesn’t claim to be psychologists but we have been lucky to encounter an easy method of starting. WIM HOF is called the Iceman because he holds over 22 world records to do with ice water submersion. He has developed a method that combines breathing with physical exercise that could allow us to control our auto-immune systems.

Regardless of doing his platform, what we have learned is that the easiest way to start getting over your fears, is by turning your shower to cold. It is that simple. We all fear cold water, and in the safety of our own homes, there is really nothing to be feared at all. The reason that this is so good, is because you have to make a CHOICE. You have to decide to face your fear, even if its only for a second. By practicing this daily, you will notice that it becomes less fearful and your confidence to face greater challenges with grow. Plus, its hard not to feel super energized!

Small steps, big changes.

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We are developing a trip that will combine outdoor fitness activities with cultural integration. Let us know if you would be interested, and what destinations top your list.