Find Your Flow-ments

“Wouldn’t it be ideal if one could be an ambitious perfectionist when it mattered, but then could relax in contented enjoyment.” -Mihal Csikszentmihalyi

The Hungarian Psychologist above describes the feeling of Flow "as if the boundaries of the self had been expanded.” We all have it, and we all have different activities that put us into flow. For some, it is rock climbing or playing music and for others, it can be reading or even washing dishes. These flow moments typically involve concentration, they are challenging and usually we loose our sense of time.

This concept is at the heart of the Lifestyle Project both in philosophy and the customer experience design. We are interested in enjoying the human experience to our best potentials and we think that FLOW is one of the ideal states to get us there. We all have interests. We all have hobbies, or curiosities that speak to our souls. As we develop our skills in this area, we begin to find our rhythm. Some describe this feeling as though they are floating down a river, hence the term flow.

As a service focused team, we are better able to facilitate these optimal experiences for our community by understanding their personal interests. Traveling no longer becomes only about discovering another place, but also about self-discovery.

Regardless of where we are, let’s find more ways to have flow-ments in our days. Let’s ask ourselves what activities put us in these enjoyable states? How can we turn all of our day to day motions into engaged and fulfilling actions?

Find your flow-ments, and than relax in contented enjoyment of your growth.

Here is a 19 minute video of Mihali explaining his findings :

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project