The People You Meet While Traveling Will Be What You Remember

“Happiness is only real when shared.” -Christopher McCandless

When you think about going on trip, it is natural to get excited about the feelings you may experience or visualize the places you will be enjoying. The mind runs free putting together a multitude of possibilities but there is usually one factor that we forget to imagine and that is the people you will meet.

When we look back at the amazing times we have all had in our lives, there always seems to be a pattern there. Most of the best moments involve sharing time with others. When traveling, if you have an open mind, you are bound to meet some very interesting people. There will be small encounters, there will be deep conversations and there will everything in between. Some people might have totally different opinions than you, and there will be times where you find your intellectual doppelganger but the beautiful thing that you will share with everyone you meet is that you have somehow found yourselves in the same place at that exact moment in time.

Everyone will have different world views, different histories, different backgrounds and different ways of living. All of this aside, we all share this planet as our home and we all get to play on the same jungle gym. Sometimes in our day to day we get to caught up in what we are doing and we miss the beautiful simplicity of just talking with a fellow homo sapiens. Our species certainly has had a rocky journey, but we who are here today have beaten the odds. Much like our siblings share our upbringings together, our neighbors also share the human experience with us, and they all have so much to offer us as far as understanding our home - the earth.

While you are exploring this beautiful globe, your senses will be stimulated in totally new ways. There is something thrilling about being in a new places, learning new things and getting out side of your comfort zone. The people in all of this are the bridge. It is that sense of connection that confirms our amazing reality. Our life on earth appears to really be happening and that stranger in front of you probably has shared a lot of the same struggles as you.

Traveling also teaches us to drop our per-conceived ideas about people. Things will inevitably be different, and even though we may have a vague idea about a culture, there are likely to be many new discoveries. Through other people, we are also able to learn about ourselves. The Lifestyle Project believes that it is this exchange of energies that keep propelling the world forward towards a better future. We can not forget to be kind to others, because we too are strangers to them. We are in this together.

So friends, go. Go interact with your fellow companions on this cosmic flight. They may look differently, smell differently and move differently but they most likely are lot more like you than you would expect.

When we look back at our amazing lives, may our memories be filled with beautiful moments with others.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project