Dance Your Way To Happiness

“Let us read and let us dance- two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.” - Voltaire.

After a recent stint in Colombia, one leaves fuelled with inspiration by the vivacious way of life down south. Music always seems to be playing in the background providing you with an uplifting soundtrack to your day to day life. Like most cultures, music plays more than just an important role in a nations identity, but it brings individuals together and creates community. Dance is more than just self expression, it is human connection in its most fun form.

For something that makes us feel so good, and brings us together like nothing else, how often do we really dance? How often do we really dance without caring about what we look like or how others perceive us?

There are so many different ways to dance. Every country seems to have their own unique style and sometimes when we don’t know the local style, we are reluctant to join in. It is true, we may look at little bit funny or get a few steps wrong here and there, but the reality is that most people are so into their own dancing that they hardly take note. In fact, the majority of people are more than happy to show you a few basics so that you can participate with them. in the end, this is why we are curious about going to other countries in the first place, isn’t it?

Even in the context where there is no set instructions, we can be hesitant to find our groove. In western culture it is super common to only dance after a few drinks. When we go to public events, it is noticeable how few people will dance to live music, especially during the day. In South America, it is just unavoidable. It seems as though people are dancing instinctively.

Sure, we don’t have to dance all of the time, but it is one form of expression that allows us to get in touch with our senses a bit more. It is about feeling, and feeling out what what works for you. It teaches us to let loose and let go of our accumulated stresses. Aside from this, it is just a healthy activity in moderation. You will burn calories, you will sweat, your physiology will thank you and your mood will be lifted due to your inevitable smile. You rarely see anyone who looks sad when dancing. If you do feel sad, try it out…just give it a bit of a shake and see how it changes. That’s a challenge!

We may all have different interpretations, but music is universal. Moving through these sounds and vibrations has been part of our specie’s repertoire since we can remember. Sometimes we do forget to do the simple things: Breathing Deeply, Drinking Water, Getting In Touch With Nature. We forget how easy it is to switch our moods, and that all of us of these wonderful tools imprinted in our dna. Dance is one of them.

Taking a dance class in your local city or abroad is not only a great way to start exploring your own interests, but it is an amazing way to meet new people. Part of the fun of traveling is that you get to meet fascinating people with different perspectives. At home, we get comfortable and tend to stay with what we know. Joining a new dance group is one of the easiest ways to open up opportunities and spark creative thinking. The Lifestyle Project believes that we all have more in common with our neighbour than we imagined.

Let us help find the right fit for you when you are on the road. Whether you are gone for one day or a month, The Lifestyle Project will immerse you into dance classes, dancing events, or local concerts so that you can continue to practice your exploration.

Even if it means just dancing by yourself in your living room, give it a go. Why deny yourself instant happiness?

Happiness is a choice.

Though this song might not be everyone’s style, we hope it brings some positive feels for you 😉


Lets dance.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project