Working On Happiness

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Even though it appears that he “clocks in and out” every day, a friend of ours told us that he hasn’t worked for the past 14 years. His secret to freedom, he said, laid in his decision to love what he does. It sounds so simple, but we think that we have all run into situations where we can tell that people aren’t enjoying what they are doing. Why?

For the amount of our living hours that we actually spend working, it makes no sense for anybody to be unhappy with their daily work life. Of course, each job brings on different challenges and most jobs are actually way more stressful and important than being a travel concierge service, but there is no point in being unsatisfied. We all have the power to change.

The shift to a better balance is about attitude and mentality. We all get to choose how we spend our days. We all get to choose how we want to live our lives, and we all get to wake up every day and decide to be happy. Becoming aware of our self-talk and of our emotions is just one step to cultivating an enthusiast approach to “work”. It is essential to recognize that there is often a little voice inside our heads that dictates our mood, and that changing the language just requires a little intention.

Whether its manifesting a positive outcome or practicing gratitude for what we have, there are many approaches we can take to increasing the quality of our lives. Generations upon generations have been contributing to the human experience so that we can all enjoy our journey through the cosmos that much more. Sometimes we have it so good in our modern day lives that we quickly forget how good it really is. Many people in the world still struggle to get by, let alone have the opportunity to work. Work is simply that, an opportunity. Hopefully we can all use that space to evolve and express ourselves creatively.

Not too far into the future, those pesky robots will be taking away some of our opportunity. We will no longer have the dilemma of liking our job, but we will still have the same amount of hours in a day. It is really time that we start to think about how we use those hours, and how we can get the most of them.

The working space offers us so much room to learn, to grow as individuals and to connect with others. Some use it as a means to achieve mastery, some use it as means to pay the bills, but everyone gets to choose what kind of impact they want to have on others with their actions. Work is a big part of our lives so let’s start making it fun.

Life is short, let’s decide to love what we do.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project