The Re-Invention

“Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.” -Stephen Covey

For us, travel has always been more than just going to discover a new destination. We all thoroughly enjoy our vacation time because it allows us to re-energize, to disconnect from our busy lives and learn something new about the world. The Lifestyle Project has designed a trip that allows you to go and experience a different culture’s way of life, while at the same, working on your personal goals. The idea is meant to squeeze the most amount of value out of our limited holiday time, and to propel our personal growth into a new positive direction full of momentum.

We combine fitness, financial planning, philosophy, lifestyle design and cultural activities in a way that allows one to explore various aspects of their life. Sometimes we need to get outside of our daily routines in order to make space for change. In our opinion, there is no better way to do so than to get into a different environment.

We are going to assemble a group of diverse thinkers and open-minded life enthusiasts who want to collectively find better ways to live and ultimately enhance their quality of life. Our destination is likely to be in Central America. We have several connections with most of those countries, but if you have any preference of location, by all means we are open to suggestions.

This trip is about taking action and creating opportunity with your time. Our approach has some structure to it but also a lot of time for individual explorations. Our team looks after the details so that you can focus on being present and enjoying your getaway.

We encourage you to consider coming with us in March of 2018. We believe that this is not only going to be the best holiday ever, but a remarkable life-changing adventure.

Check out our Self-Development Discoveries page on our website to get a glimpse of what the itinerary looks like and contact us so we can start personalizing your experience.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project