The Time I Changed Plans In The Airport

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” - Bruce Lee

5 months ago I sat in the Lisbon airport ready to move to Dublin, Ireland. I had all of my worldly possessions with me and I was ready to start a new living adventure. There was a lot of excitement, a bit of nervousness and a roller coaster of emotions that were flooding through my mind. Something just didn’t seem right though. My heart had been ignoring a gravitational message for the past couple of months, and that message was named South America. I had spent too much of my life outsourcing my dreams to the “maybes” of the future and with a urgent realization that life is short and time is precious, I made the decision to buy a airplane ticket to Colombia.

This, to date, was the single best decision that I have ever made. I admit that as a person who organizes in-detail travel experiences for people, that this news may seem alarming to our customers, but it is the truth. This isn’t really about business at all, this is about life and all we really seek to do is inspire others to get the most out of theirs. So whether you ever decide to use our services or not, here are the most valuable things that I learned from my spontaneous decision to follow my heart and jump into the unknown.


What does it mean to trust? Trust is an essential part of life that underlies everything. For me, it was largely about having confidence in my abilities to adapt in the present moment. It was about being present and believing in not only what I was doing, but where I was. It is easy for our minds to get inundated with worries about the future, an imaginary space of time that has not yet arrived. The common fears that arose in my self doubts were all revolving around ridiculous assumptions that my future self would be far worse off. I would likely not ever be able to find employment again, my relationships would likely fall apart and my finances would crumble to a point where I would inevitably have to live in the streets. This is not to say that planning is bad. Some fear does us help us navigate a better destiny, but so much of it was really non-sense. None of us can predict the future, and everyone knows that life can change in an instant. It is healthy to envision our destination, but we can not forget to enjoy the ride there.

Trust is about having one foot grounded and the other moving forward. It is about confidence in yourself and in others. It is about being right here, right now and believing that you are in the place you need to be. Trust yourself and go after what you want.

It is all about people

Throughout life, we will all experience wonderful places, events and occurrences. We will face struggle, loss and deal with the daily stresses of modern society. No matter what happens or what we are doing, the one thing that almost seems certain is that it is our interaction with other people that brings us tremendous meaning. Our fellow humans may drive us nuts sometimes, they may frustrate us with their quirky behaviours, but it is our shared experience of existence that makes it all worthwhile.

When I think back about my trip, I remember the conversations I had with my taxi drivers more vividly than I remember the details on the cathedrals. I remember cooking with strangers more than the food I ate. Truthfully, I remember struggling up the side of Machu Picchu in the pouring rain with my brother more than the site itself. I would make a bet that if any of you allow yourselves to think back about some of your best moments, that they would revolve around sharing time with people.

Any person you meet could have something fantastic in common with you. Their story may inspire you or remind you of how lucky you really have it. We are all in this together, so lets be kind to one another and connect. Everyone is likely going through some internal struggle that we are unaware of, so lets remember that we are all human and that people matter.

Take your time, and use it

Time isn’t slowing down no matter how much we rush around trying to make it do so. Months will fly by, years will creep up on us and every time that we realize it, we say the same thing “ where did all of the time go.” This is at least how we see measured time like the calendar. There are ways to slow things down though, and this is by engaging in activities that we fully enjoy. We have talked about flow before and the feelings we experience when we are immersed in a situation. This is about depth of time, and the best way to get there is to take action and do things that you love.

We have all said it : “ When I have more time, i will…” This is how we justify our priorities. We think that somewhere in the future, we will have more time to do what is important now. We put off our interests, our health and our ideas for a place that we realistically might never get to. Even now, when we do have free time, we rarely know what to do with it. Everyone is going to have different priorities and different things that they value, but we should not be fooling ourselves into thinking that when we are older or more rich that we will have more time to do things. I have concluded that if we want more calendar time, than our health should be a priority. We have to take action now and be patient with results.

In order to get the most out of our time, we have to pursue the interests that enthuse us. We have to consistently take action and really take a look at what is important to each of us. What are the things that make us feel most alive? Money comes and goes, time forever dissolves away. It is important for all of us to think about what we want to do before we die.


The most beautiful thing of all. We have found thousands of ways to describe it without really putting our finger on it. We all know how to love and sometimes we forget to do so, but life is just so much more colourful when we allow ourselves to love and be loved. I am not the guru nor am I an expert, but the simple reminder that we are incredibly lucky to be alive should be enough. It is absolutely amazing that we are alive. There are dark sides to life, and there are negatives to the experience, but we must choose love. We must see the positives and the good in others. We must really be grateful for our short amount of conscious perception and we must decide that we are going to let our hearts lead us.

Love yourself and love others. We as a humanity need to come together and take care of ourselves and our planet. This home is all we have, and this is our only chance at life. When we really let ourselves fall into it, the state of love will takes us to unimaginably wonderful destinations.

My 5 month adventure was the most beautiful experience and I am extremely grateful for everything that I was able to do. I met life long friends, I developed new skills, I fell in love with people and I learned to trust myself.

The Lifestyle Project encourages you to listen to your heart and we are happy to serve anyone who wants to explore in a more organized manner. After all, we have in-depth knowledge of whole new continent!

We take great pleasure in designing memorable experiences for people because we understand that it is people that give our lives meaning. We appreciate your trust in us because we understand how vulnerable we all can be.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project