Getting To Know Yourself`

“Be that self which one truly is.” - Soren Kierkegaard

It isn’t always easy to get to know other people well. Every person has a totally different story than you do, and we are all exposed to different elements that form our world views. It is the culmination of environments, upbringings, genetics and experiences that make the world such a beautifully diverse place and also complex in its understanding. We don’t always make time to try and understand our differences with others, and that is why we are prone to looking for the similarities we have. We form relationships with those who have something in common with us and over time, we get to know the many layers of our friends. How many of us can truly say that we know ourselves though?

Why get to know yourself? Our best bet would be to deal properly with the suffering that the world faces. Negative emotions like anger, fear and anxiety don’t provide us with an enjoyable life experience, and understanding how our mind works is probably a good place to start.

The lucky thing is, you have your whole life to do it. The tricky thing is, you are probably constantly evolving and changing and unless you are checking in with yourself on a daily basis, it is easy to get swept away by the waves of cosmic time and feel a little lost. We become unaware of the changes that happen to ourselves because we are constantly with ourselves. I don’t know anyone who has actually seen themselves age, we all just realize it one day!

Getting to know yourself seems like such an easy thing to do that we may even call it a "no-brainer", but this is where we tend to get a bit lazy. We like things when they are comfortable and our brains are wired to automate our actions so that every thing happens as smoothly as possible. There is no doubt that simplifying things and knowing what you like is a good thing, after all, that is one way to show that you do know yourself but knowing what we don’t like is just as useful. You only truly know this if you try things out though!

We go through life constantly seeking out feedback that tells us what works or doesn’t and through this process we develop a sense of who we are. At least in our early years, it is the external stimulus that seems to have a profound impact on our own sense of self. Self reflection on that stimulus though, really means looking inward to your responses. That is why practices like yoga and meditation have become so popular in the west in recent years. Both activities cause you to face a little bit of discomfort and turn within. Nobody can force you to get to know yourself better, but these exercises certainly create the perfect context for it.

The Lifestyle Project is happy to point you in the right direction at home or on your travels, so that you can continue learning about yourself and the world. We put our clients in touch with local professors who hold workshops, give one on one coaching and group classes. We save you time by researching what each destination has to offer, so that you can continue improving upon your interests.

By stepping a little bit outside of our comfort zones, we become better at facing adversity in an ever changing world.

Let’s all give ourselves 5 minutes of self reflection a day so that we can improve our well-being.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project