Why Do We Love The Olympics

“Where there is unity there is always victory.” - Publilius Syrus

Everyone is on a journey. For the athletes participating in South Korea, this journey is the culmination of years of practice and dreaming. Their decisions to go all in on their passions and pursue their own potentials is admirable. This big stage showcases the best athletes in the world, not just competing against “the other ones” who have also devoted their attention to their craft, but competing with their own best selves.

The Olympics are full of glorious moments and heartbreaking tragedies. We will witness the artful breakthroughs in sport and certainly empathize with those who come up just a bit short. At their core, these games reveal so much about life and we are drawn into the drama because it speaks to a part of our soul.

For so much of our lives, it is difficult to measure our personal pursuits. Life can be long and it is difficult to summarize, especially because there is no self reflection once the game is over. In organized sports, there is a context. We create these wonderful international events almost as if to measure our collective evolution. We can’t help but compare ourselves to those who danced with their fate 8 years ago. Over time, we inspire one another to go a little bit further.

The world is a complex system. Sometimes, we treat each other very badly. Wars are fought over resources, over lines we drew on a map and because of fear. The Olympic Games however, remind us that we can be better than that. People from all countries around the world can put their best foot forward. It doesn’t matter what the differences may be, we find unity in our quest for self expression through physical activity. We cheer for one another because the boundaries are being extended for all of humanity.

Of course there has been corruption, there have been cheaters and the games cost atrocious amounts of money. These are some negative sides to the games but the other message is pretty clear: If you are honest and work hard, you can do something amazingly meaningful, even if it only lasts for a moment.

These moments that we are about to witness are like summaries of miniature lifespans. People have relentlessly pushed themselves further into the unknown in order to stop the forces of time and flow with the universe. They will paint urgent canvases of excellence because they know that it will all be over soon.

They will seize the day not because they value gold, but because they value living.

The games are colourful. They bring people together and they bring peace to the world. The Lifestyle Project wants to bring people together as well, and that is why we want to organize the next vacation you decide to go on.

Let’s cheer for humanity.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project