What A Special City

“But a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.” -Patrick Geddes

Sometimes you go to a new place and it blows you away. No matter how much you read about it, no matter how many photos you look at, being in the actual destination is simply incomparable. There is storm of curiosity that brews when you throw yourself into the unknown and while showing up prepared is a good thing, getting surprised is a great thing.

Nothing will fill your soul with more ideas than walking through a foggy night in Portugal’s northern gem of a city, Porto. There is simply nothing like it. Corner after corner, cobblestone streets shine light like its summer all evening. The city’s architectural generations have layered themselves above one another for the walker to indulge in like a triple chocolate cake.

Time travel appears to be possible.

With each step, visions of screen plays or novels spring to mind. There is no wonder why J.K Rowling wrote one of the most imaginative book series of the last century. The kingdom was left untouched for a long time, and now there is a new energy emerging due to rejuvenated investments. Old market places still boast the wisest of salespeople, and local entrepreneurs take on the challenge of intriguing the visitors with their bohemian lifestyles.

The city’s pace is slowed down and one only needs to jaunt down by the river to get reconnected with nature. Brilliantly built bridges paint the river with human potential, and the iconic influence of Mr. Eiffel lures your mind into dreamland as the sun sets itself down. Aside from the endless history, the port wine caves, and the long list of Portugal’s finest food products, you have the ocean near by.

It is true that the city as been hot for a while. As travel gets more accessible, and as more and more people discover these wonderful places, you can bet on there being a few selfie sticks in the way. It fills up with tourists from all around the world, and there is definitely the odd obnoxious bachelor party group, but Porto provides you with enough curves to live out your own unique experience. This ‘busyness' is going to be a new reality of travel in any big city you go to, and that is why we believe it is best to plan your visits around your personal interests and hobbies.

The Lifestyle Project finds personalized opportunities for you so that you can carve out your own stories.

So, if you are lacking inspiration, if you are experiencing an artistic block or looking to ignite the romantic within, go to Porto.

It is really that good.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

The Lifestyle Project