Perfectly Unfinished Notes On Infinity

“We should intentionally leave room for what we don’t finish.” - Axel Vervoordt

As far as we understand, the universe seems to be limitless, or without end.

As people who are trying to create order in the world, we look to complete things. We want things to get started, and finished.

We try are best to mimic nature, forgetting that we are nature ourselves, and use physics and mathematics to accomplish fantastic things such as building bridges and sending satellites into space.

There is no number for the endless. We can’t calculate it, but the concept is widespread through out cultures of the world.

Rather than seeking perfection through order, we can attain a limitless existence if we tune into the world as it is right now.

Learning to see things as they are. By connecting with ourselves and our surroundings, we can feel momentarily what the infinite is.

WE don’t have to make everything perfect. Perfect is a hard word to define because our minds can’t achieve that length. We aren’t able to go there is by force.

Michelangelo often didn’t finish his work.

Artists learn to leave room for voids. Is is from the emptiness that comes creation.

It is the space between the musical notes that make it seem so pleasant.

We prevent ourselves from taking risks and going into the unknown because we are worried that what we do won’t be perfect. So this thing that we can’t even define prevents us from trying at all?

The only thing that seems perfect at all, is the universe, and the universe is infinite as far as we understand , which means that the universe is perfect because it is uncompleted…not the opposite.

So take a chance on the things that inspire you, the interests you have.

We will not look back and be disappointed with our imperfections. We are human, and that in itself is a wonderful realization. We are alive, and we are for a short period, witnessing the cosmic dance that unfolds around us.

We try to trap things. we take photos, we try and write the best collection of our thoughts, we don’t want the moments to disappear so we try to hold on. Life is change. Don’t be afraid of change.

Let’s jump into infinity, and enjoy the ride.

Let’s change the way we travel, together.

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