Goodbye Friends!

Goodbye friends.

The Lifestyle Project started as a small dream between my brother and I. We wanted to connect people to the world and help them explore not only new destinations, but also to learn more about themselves. Travel has always been a great way to learn, to get outside of our comfort zones, and to see the world through different perspectives. Over the years, we have dreamed up fantastic experiences for our amazing customers, and we are so grateful that they entrusted us with forming their memories. We don’t often choose what we will remember, and traveling is a good gamble for great memories.

We had a lot of fun co-creating travel experiences with people. We are glad that none of our mistakes led them to being stuck in prison or a misguided burrito street vendor.

This business was a grand experiment. My thesis supervisor warned me that this wouldn’t be too lucrative with the model I had. In fact, it was never meant to be. For me, it was always all about the process, it was always about the human experience. I figured most businesses fail anyways, so I might as well do something that cultivates enthusiasm, that gives people a deeper sense of time, and a more connected life. Its always been about self-discovery through cultural exposure.

Though I may mutter to myself about my philosophical ideas, to have built something of meaning with my brother has been the most beautiful of experiences. We believe in following our hearts, and going after our dreams. Even now, it blows my mind that by simply throwing out this crazy idea to the universe, Riley and I were able to fulfill a lifelong dream I had of going to Machu Pichu in Peru. It was an unbelievable moment of surreal transcendence, and to experience it with my best friend was something that I will never forget. We feel incredibly lucky to have traveled and learned about other cultures together.

It is all about moments. We need not travel far away to recognize the beauty that exists in our everyday lives. We must learn to slow down and enjoy. We must learn to live in harmony with one another, and look after the only home we have. Our time is precious.

At the moment, we’ve decided to focus our energies on other projects, and we thank you all for all of the support along the way. Letting go of something you love is a hard thing to do, but I trust in the unknown, and I believe that greater things are to come.

We encourage you all to keep dreaming, to keep living more deeply, and to remember that in the end, it will always be the people that matter.

Thank you for sharing your time.

Tory and Riley

The Lifestyle Project